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Guy sees puppy tied to railroad tracks – realizes he was abandoned on purpose

It is unfortunate to know that inhuman acts, such as cruelty to animals, are still committed against innocent creatures today.
These acts are unacceptable, something Jared Twedell knows only too well.
It was an ordinary day when he was driving to the entrance to the local recycling center.
Nearby was a railroad track.

A flicker of movement caught his attention and out of the corner of his eye, he thought he saw a dear lying on the tracks.
He was concerned that the passing train would hit the animal, and so he loudly whistled to shoo it away. To his surprise, the animal perked up his ears and showed himself instead.
Jared then realized that it was a young puppy that was lying on the railroad tracks.He was absolutely horrified to see that the dog was tied and could not move away on his own.
“I went into panic mode. He tried to walk toward the car and the rope pulled him back,” Twedell recalled in an interview with The Dodo.

Jared knew that the dog was scared and stressed. Who wouldn't be?

“Ugly” Unwanted Dog Melts In Tears As He Gets Pampered For 1st Time In His Life

A homeless dog had lived his entire life in neglect. He was used to all the filth around him, and he simply wanted to steer clear of hateful humans. But hunger often forced him to venture out of his hiding spot. During one such starving spell, the dog ended up at the doors of a woman who would end up changing his life.
The woman was heartbroken when she saw the skittish dog trying his best to hide his unclean face and disheveled state. She decided to rescue the unlucky pooch, and gently coaxed him to follow her. The dog was scared at first, but sensed the woman’s good intentions and eventually surrendered his fate in her hands!

In this video, we see the woman working hard throughout the day to groom the dog. The dog tears up with gratefulness when he receives his first bath ever. He adorably crawls into his rescuer’s arms as she dries his wet body. Finally, the woman begins tending to his dirty and untrimmed fur.

Watch this video till the end to see how this selfless rescuer transformed …

Legendary Special Ops Marine Dog Receives Prestigious Award For Saving Lives

United States special operations are composed of the most highly-skilled and expertly-trained soldiers that walk the planet. Many of those soldiers trudge through challenging terrain and engage with enemies of all kinds around the globe. They rely on their training, instinct, and two feet to see them through even the most harrowing of battles. Some soldiers do the same but rely on four feet, a supersonic nose, and a crushing bite that can make a terrorist beg for mercy. That’s exactly what Bass did.

Piercing Eyes And The Heart Of A HeroBass is a Belgian Malinois who works alongside his brothers and sisters in the United States military. He has piercing eyes and an unimaginable amount of bravery. Bass goes everywhere that his fellow human soldiers go. And yes, that means he is there in the heat of battle as grenades and machine guns echo all around him. None of this bothers him. In fact, he thrives on it.

“One of the first things I noticed is his golden eyes,” retired Marine Staff Sergea…

Man Throws Rock At A Car Window To Save A Puppy

If you see a dog trapped inside a hot car, what would you do?

A man in Ontario, Canada didn’t hesitate to hurl a massive rock at a car window to save a puppy.
The temperature that day was around 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Will Costa, the man who posted the video on Facebook, told The Dodo, “There was a music festival happening and the announcer mentioned there was a dog in a hot car and for the owner to let the dog out.”
So an unnamed good Samaritan threw a rock at a parked black BMW to save the puppy who was trapped inside it. It took several tries before the window finally broke. And the puppy was happy as ever when he was finally free from that hot car.

Will Costa also told The Dodo that the owner of the car showed 50 minutes after the dog was rescued, and the police took custody of the dog. Would you have done the same thing if you were in this man’s shoes? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

You can also read more about this story at The Dodo.

Pit Bull From Kill-Shelter Sensed Boy Was Sick And Goes Straight For Him

All dogs are special. We are so blessed to have them in our lives. Sometimes, however, a dog comes along where their innate senses go beyond the average dog. This story is about one special pup named Aladdin. Aladdin is a Pit Bull with a sad past. He was badly neglected. When he was placed in a kill shelter, he had been starved. He had severe orthopedic issues and he was missing 12 teeth.

The sweet Pit Bull cannot bend his back legs. He sits, lays and walks in a unique way to compensate for his issues. Thankfully, his future mom, Michele, saw him at the kill shelter and it was love at first sight! She explains in the video below, that despite all he had been through and his obvious discomfort, he wagged his tail as soon as they laid eyes on each other! Within a year of adopting Aladdin, he became a certified therapy dog. This was because Aladdin could connect with people in a special way. He especially loves kids. The room can be jammed with people but somehow Aladdin will make his way …

Woman Punches German Shepherd 9 Times To Head & Face With Boxing Gloves On

An incredibly disturbing and horrific video involving a woman “boxing” with her German Shepherd dog is causing a major online uproar. The Idaho Humane Society (IHS) reported receiving an overwhelming number of phone calls and emails after the video made its way across several social media platforms.
The video originated in the town of Boise, Idaho, and shows a woman repeatedly beating a dog in the face by punching the animal. She wears a pair of boxing gloves and hits the poor German Shepherd dog in his face and head at least nine times. In the background, laughter from other people can be heard.